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Dear visitor,

I am Clemens Kamm, 27 years old, and married to my amazing husband. I am currently working as a software developer for mixed reality solutions. This means, I am developing products for everything related to virtual and augmented reality.
My main agenda is it to make the digital world available and usable for all citizens of Ulm. Specifically, I want to enhance the possibilities for digital involvement in the local community, create a better digital and more open administration, increase the efforts towards building digital infrastructure, and make traffic control more intelligent. These developments have to happen in a way that benefits all citizens.
Furthermore, I stand for a more tolerant and open city community, want to give the younger generations a voice in the city council, and prepare Ulm for the future. To me, the most important thing is it to have an open dialog with all citizens of Ulm and to tackle issues, that truly affect our citizens. Therefore, I am delighted to receive any constructive suggestion and am looking forward to any invitation for an open dialog.

All the best,

Clemens Kamm