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Welcome, my name is Clemens Kamm. I am 32 years old, born and raised in Ulm. Currently my husband and I live in the Oststadt, not far from the Alter Friedhof.

My educational journey began at the Kepler-Gymnasium and continued with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Informatics at Ulm University. During this time, I also spent an exciting semester abroad in Canada. Afterwards, I completed a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich.

Upon my graduation in 2018, I joined PORTER in Leipheim, a company that aims to revolutionize the way real estate is visualized. Currently I serve as the company’s Lead Software Engineer.

My political activities were jumpstarted by the 2017 federal election after which I wanted to combat actively the rightward shift in our society. I have been district chair of the Jusos (the youth organization of the SPD) in Ulm since 2019 and am involved in multiple committees, for instance Pride Ulm-Neu-Ulm and the Ring politischer Jugend (Association of Political Youth Organizations).

I am particularly proud of co-organizing the rally „Gemeinsam gegen Hass und Hetze” (Together against Hate and Persecution) that took place on the Münsterplatz in January 2024 and brought together 10,000 people.

In my free time, I am involved in clubs such as TK SSV Ulm 1846, the „Bündnis Gemeinsam für Vielfalt und Demokratie“ (Alliance “Together for Diversity and Democracy”), the NaturFreunde and Amnesty International. You can often find me on the tennis courts near the Donaustadion.

A central issue in my candidacy for the local council is strengthening social cohesion in Ulm. This requires promoting housing construction and combating vacancies. I am also committed to improving civic participation, for example through citizens‘ councils and by providing frequent information for all residents of Ulm.

Let us work together to make Ulm a diverse and sustainable city with a great quality of life. I look forward to contributing my ideas and energy. Together we can make a difference!


  • Clemens Kamm, 32 years old, studied Computer Science in Ulm and Munich
  • Lead Software Engineer at PORTER in Leipheim
  • Active in politics since 2017
  • District chair of the Jusos in Ulm, participation in social and political committees
  • Committee member at Pride Ulm.Neu-Ulm
  • Proud queer candidate for the municipal council in Ulm with a particular focus on housing supply and civic participation